The Vineyard at St. Joseph

Sagrada Familia Holy Family Wine

What is Sagrada Familia Wine?

                         Sagrada Familia wine is a still rosé table wine. It tastes best when served chilled. Made from Gamay Noir grapes grown at the Vineyard at St. Joseph, this semi-sweet rosé is the perfect crowd pleasing wine with hints of watermelon, peach and cherry. This wine is optimal when it is young. Each bottle label includes a different verse from Sacred Scripture about the Holy Family. The special dimpled bottle was designed and manufactured in France specifically for rosé wine.  Read more in this feature article!

How is Sagrada Familia Wine produced? 

This special wine is produced with Gamay Noir grapes grown at the Vineyard at St. Joseph on Old Mission Peninsula, in partnership with, bottled and sold by Chateau Chantal. Parishioners Robert and Nadine Begin are Chateau’s founding couple. Our parish vineyards are maintained under the direction of parishioner Allan Edford and through the active discipleship of the five Traverse City area parishes: St. Joseph, St. Francis, St. Patrick, Immaculate Conception and Christ the King.  Thank you 2018 Volunteers! (click for photos).

How Can I Purchase?

You may purchase this wine directly from Chateau Chantal by visiting their winery, or click here to order.  If you are interested in bulk orders, or to inquire about our sacramental wine, email us.  The winery is located at 15900 Rue Devin, Traverse City, Michigan on Old Mission Peninsula (view map).  Chateau Chantal graciously donates the difference between your cost of the wine and the actual retail price back to the support of the Vineyard at St. Joseph.

What Makes the Wine and Vineyard at St. Joseph Unique?

The wineries on Old Mission Peninsula are uniquely situated at the globe’s 45th parallel – the ideal climate for growing varietal wine grapes. International wine enthusiasts have recognized the wineries that comprise this stunning appellation for the exceptional quality of their wines. Each of these wineries benefit from the unique protection afforded by the narrow peninsula’s proximity to one of Lake Michigan’s most beautiful bays. In addition to providing stunning vistas, the deep waters of the east and west arms of Grand Traverse Bay serve a multiple purpose: the lingering warmth of the water in the fall helps to starve off early frosts while the bays’ cold spring temperatures prevent premature budding during a warm spring. The characteristics of this ‘micro-climate’ result in the production of award-winning wines from the dedicated vintners who hone their craft on the glacially formed landscape known as Old Mission Peninsula. (source: oldmission.com)     Aerial view of St. Joseph Catholic Church and the Vineyard at St. Joseph

The Vineyard at St. Joseph 2019 Fact Sheet

Genesis: How it Began

  • Two local parishioners, Robert and Nadine Begin, owners of Chateau Chantal, approached Msgr. Thome with the vision of a church vineyard at the new St. Joseph Catholic Church site on Center Road in Peninsula Township.
  • In 2015, when the 100-year-old St Joseph’s Church was moved to its new 25-acre location, that vison became a reality. Bob Begin created and donated a 2.3-acre vineyard on that site.
  • Bob paid all startup and first harvest costs. In 2015 Bob also initiated the transfer process to St. Joseph’s. A church ministry, “The Sacramental Wine and Vineyard Ministry” was created and parish members Allan Edford and Dan Brick were selected to oversee vineyard operations, as well as the creation, sale and distribution of a sacramental and private label wine.

Our Vital Volunteers: How it Works

  • Manual vineyard operations are performed by volunteers who prune, tie, tuck, weed, mow, thin, hedge, net and hand harvest. Volunteer labor is a vital aspect which allows the vineyard to be self-sustaining.
  • Expenses, such as cost of supplies, equipment, spraying, fertilizing and trellis maintenance, are offset by the revenue generated by sale of 65 percent of the grape yield. Those grapes, which include the Marquette and Rieslings, are sold to local wineries.  
  • The Gamay Noir, which is 35 percent of the yield, is allocated to St. Joseph’s sacramental and private label wine, both of which are crafted as a rose’, but can be a medium body red.
  • The vineyard also relies on the expertise and resources of the wineries and private vineyards on Old Mission Peninsula. Chateau Chantal crafts, bottles and inventories the church wine and is the outlet for the wine sales. Chateau Grand Traverse, Brys Estates, and Bonobo wineries as well as Rigan Estate Vineyards, Island View Vineyard, Island View Orchards and Cimarron Farms offer support as required. It is truly an OMP community effort, starting with the service of our volunteers and complimented by the advice and support of OMP wineries and private vineyards.  

Our Grapes: Three Varietals

  • The Vineyard at St. Joseph has three sections. The largest section of 1 1/3 acres contains the Rieslings. Riesling is a German varietal, a white grape, and is the dominant grape grown in Northern Michigan. It can be crafted into a dry, semi dry, late harvest and an ice (dessert) wine. It is anticipated we will harvest 7,000 lbs. in 2019.
  • The Gamay Noir is the next largest section – about 3/5 acres. It is a varietal from France, primarily from the Beaujolais, Burgundy and Loire regions. It can be crafted into medium body red, a rose, or a sparkling wine. It is anticipated we will harvest 3,800 lbs. in 2019.
  • The third section contains the Marquette grape. The Marquette is a hybrid with a Pinot Noir lineage developed by the University of Minnesota as a” cold hardy” grape that can withstand minus 25-degree Fahrenheit. It was named after Pere Marquette, a Jesuit missionary and 17th century explorer of North America and is primarily grown in the northern states from Washington to Vermont. It is anticipated that we will harvest 1,200 lbs. in 2019.

An Invitation to Join Us

  • As mentioned above, volunteers are a vital aspect of the vineyard operation. We invite anyone and everyone to join in the ministry. It is a great way to meet others with like interests. No special skills are required; we have training videos and volunteers on site who will teach you the skills. Please sign up at the St. Joseph parish office or email Allan Edford, vineyard manager, at aedford1551@gmail.com; 231.943.1480. St. Joseph parish office contact information is parishoffice@stjosephtc.org  231.421.7310
  • For more details on the wine side of this ministry, please contact Dan Brick at  danbrick1951@gmail.com  231.642.1112  

A Call to Bear Fruit

  • In addition to the cultivation of grapes for sacramental wine, part of Bob and Nadine Begins’ vision for the vineyard was its pedagogical and spiritual aspect. Dan Brick stated very appropriately, “the entire endeavor harkens directly to the Bible. “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vine grower” John 15:1; and, “I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever remains in Me and I in him will bear much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Vineyard at St. Joseph 2019 Season Photos


Robert Begin 2016-2019 Photos


Our vineyard will be included in a future issue of this book - coming soon!