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Audio-Video Ministry



The mission of the Audio Video Ministry is to recognize the deep religious significance of the Corporal Work of capturing photos and video for the promotional and sacramental purposes of St. Joseph Catholic Church. We believe in and are firmly committed to the teachings and rich tradition of the Catholic Church. The Audio Video Ministry will use visual media to share the activities of St. Joseph Catholic Church within and beyond its physical borders at the direction, both verbal and written, of the Pastor and Audio-Visual Coordinator.  Through discipleship, we will promote efforts to strengthen and enhance Catholic teachings through our example, words, and work. Audio Video Ministry disciples are dedicated to the respectful care of the people of God whose images are captured, recorded, and shared through the visual media. The Audio Video Ministry will assist St. Joseph Catholic Church personnel and ministries in the continuous improvement of implementing the visual media.  These tasks include the capturing of photos and video of: Masses, weddings, funerals, special events, and other scheduled activities in the church Sanctuary. When the need arises, the Audio Video Ministry will make every effort to capture photos and video of parish activities outside of the church Sanctuary. The members of the Audio Video Ministry serve as leaders for recruitment of disciples in the ministry. 

The disciples of the Audio Video Ministry will strive to gain knowledge of the equipment used to capture, record, archive, and share visual media so that equipment can be used for the purpose of the ministry to achieve the mission of the Parish.  Additionally, the Audio Video Ministry serves to identify visual issues and opportunities. Disciples are knowledgeable that all audio and visual media captured, recorded, archived, and shared are the property of St. Joseph Catholic Church and the Diocese of Gaylord.

The Audio Video Ministry must strive to be knowledgeable of all activities and ministries of the Parish in order to be able to capture and preserve those activities and ministries through the visual media. As well, the Audio Video Ministry accepts the responsibility of implementing this religious function under the direction, procedures, and supervision of St. Joseph Catholic Church, its Pastor, its Audio-Visual Coordinator, the Diocese of Gaylord, and the governing laws of the State of Michigan.




CONTACT:  Howard Byrne