Councils and Committees

Pastoral Council

The St. Joseph Pastoral Council is a community of servant leaders involved in advisory decisions made through a process of spiritual formation, prayful discernment, and consultative dialogue regarding matters of pastoral concern.  The Pastoral Council shall consider how the mission of the church can best be carried out by the parish and promote the essential ministries of the parish: proclaiming the Word, building up the body of Christ, serving those in need, and celebrating liturgy.  Members shall be chosen through a process of Biblical Selection and shall serve for a three year term.

Pastoral Council Charter

Finance Council

The St. Joseph Finance Council is a select group of parishioners known for their spiritual maturity and love of Christ and the Church.  Endowed with special competence in financial and business matters and of prudent judgment, members of the Finance Council offer their time and talents in Christian service to assist the pastor with the development and management of the parish's financial resources so that the parish may effectively pursue its proper mission of spreading Christ's Gospel and love.

Finance Council Charter

Stewardship Council 

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the leadership of the Pastor, the Stewardship Council will achieve a Total Stewardship Parish at St. Joseph by engaging parishioners to generously offer their time, talent and treasure as an expression of gratitude to God for His many gifts while truly living as Disciples of Christ.  


Stewardship Council Charter

Building and Grounds Committee 

The purpose of the BGC is to serve as an advisory body to the Pastor, Pastoral Council, and other Councils and Committees.  The Committee serves in this capacity to identify facility issues and opportunities.  The mission of this Committee is to assist the Parish in the management of the physical properties of the Church.  These duties are performed through a combination of volunteer labor and contracted services.  The members of the Committee serve as leaders for recruitment and organization of volunteers. 

Building and Grounds Committee Charter

Liturgy Committee

The mission of the Liturgy Committee is to help organize the physical, spiritual, temporal and generational space of St Joseph Parish in a way that calls everyone of us to full conscious and active participation in liturgical celebration, especially in public prayer.  It is to further to assist the Pastor set the goals, direction and principles for liturgy. The purpose of the Liturgy Committee is to be a sounding board for the parish.   It is further to generate a spirit where all parishioners  are empowered to go forth gathering, welcoming, proclaiming and reflecting on the Word of God.

Liturgy Committee Charter

Catechetical Committee

The mission of the Catechetical Committee of St. Joseph is to teach and express the timeless truths of the Roman Catholic Church to all age groups who either reside within or outside the parish territory. This group of highly motivated and faith-filled parishioners will be responsible for the short and long-term formation of the whole human person, working in tandem with Pastor and all other Committees and Committees of St. Joseph Catholic Parish.

Catechetical Committee Charter



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