CSA 2019

Since the formation of the Diocese of Gaylord in 1971, the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) has been both an invitation and opportunity to support the programs, services and ministries within our diocese and around the world. Through our collective efforts, the CSA is the primary source of funding for the programs and ministries directed by our bishop, providing support to our parishes as well as most of the special national and international collections typically taken up as second collections in other dioceses.

Our theme for CSA this year “We Walk in Faith”, speaks to this great journey we are on together; a journey of faith, with the promise of hope, in the sharing of love for one another.  CSA allows us to reach across parish boundaries, tying us together through a common thread of attending to the needs of our parishes, our parishioners, our diocese and to the people of Northern Lower Michigan and beyond. 

Every year, parishes are asked to make a just sacrifice through a CSA target that is determined by both parish count and ordinary income. Any funds received over the parish target are returned to the parish 100% for local needs and good works.

The purpose of the CSA is to help provide the funding necessary to carry out the mission of the Catholic Church---to build our families, our parishes, our diocese and our world into that faith community whose compassionate ministry to humanity embodies and witnesses to God's power. The CSA supports services and ministries, some of which attend to needs that are beyond the scope of any individual parish. Some exist for the sole purpose of assisting parishes in their mission to teach, evangelize and provide good liturgical experiences. It is important that we recognize both aspects of the appeal.

If you have any questions about the Catholic Services Appeal, please contact the Diocese of Gaylord at 989.732.5147. 

Thank you for the many ways that you support the Church by embracing a life of discipleship, most specifically, through your gift to the Catholic Services Appeal. May you find the gifts you make, in gratitude for God’s abundant blessings, to be a source of great joy. 

Why Give?

“As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” (1Pt 4:10)

Pope Francis tells us that true power lies not in taking care of our wants, but in humbly taking care of the needs of others.  It is through the annual Catholic Services Appeal that we, the people of the Diocese of Gaylord, respond in love to God by supporting the programs and ministries that serve our friends and neighbors throughout the Northern lower peninsula of Michigan and around the world.

As Christian stewards, we are called to receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others and return them with increase to the Lord.  Through the Catholic Services Appeal, we have the opportunity of living a life of stewardship by supporting and strengthening the many ministries and services funded through the appeal as well as selfless giving to the people who are most in need.

Together, We Walk In Faith: A Special Invitation of Prayer from Bishop Raica

Thank you for the continued support to your parish and to the Diocese of Gaylord.  We hope that you find the gifts you make, in gratitude for God's abundant blessings, to be a source of great joy.  If you have a particular intention you would like to share with Bishop Raica, please complete a Prayer Intention Card and return to the Bishop's Office.  Use the prayer intention card below or one can also be found as part of the CSA pledge envelope in the May/June issue of FAITH Magazine.   

We ask that you keep Bishop Raica, as well as all of our priests, religious and lay leaders, in your prayers as well.  

Together, let us walk in faith with the Lord.  

2019/20 Catholic Services Appeal Budget: $3,557,689

The Catholic Services Appeal accounts for 76% of the total budget for the Diocese of Gaylord of $4,688,390.  The difference of $1,130,701 comes from revenue generated via grant awards and scholarships, interest from endowment funds, fees charged for services and programs, and donations. 

-Worship, Evangelization, & Catechesis (46%)  $1,680,080  Funds ten specific areas of ministry directed by our Bishop, providing support directly to our parishes, schools and to the people of our diocese. 

-Mission & Outreach (19%)  $673,686 Provides funding for twenty different collections, supporting the local, National and International outreach efforts of the Diocese of Gaylord.  

-Clergy Life, Vocations Support & Seminarian Education (7%)  $260,468 Supports the health and welfare for our clergy, the ongoing formation efforts of the Vocations Office and support to our seminarians, Deacons program, as well as the ongoing formation of our Priests and Pastoral Administrators.    

-Diocesan and Parish Services, Stewardship & Administration of our Church (17%)  $602,820 Provides financial oversight and audit transparency and support to parishes (financial services, human resources, legal support), Information Technology, as well as efforts in the areas of Stewardship and Grant Writing. 

-Diocesan Building, Grounds and Maintenance (11%)  $398,002 Supports efforts in the stewardship of our physical buildings, maintenance expenses, utilities, insurance and necessary capital purchases.

Please refer to the CSA Budget below for detailed descriptions and specific budget amounts within each area.



St. Joseph Catholic Church
2019 Parish Target:



1) Make Your Gift Online

Making your donation online is easy! CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Diocese of Gaylord secure website. Choose "Catholic Services Appeal" and designate St. Joseph Catholic Church (#77) as your parish.


2) Fill out a Pledge Card

You have the option of making a one-time gift or a pledge.  Pledges can be paid in full at a later date or through regular payments indicated on your card. 
  2019 CSA Pledge Card   

 Letter from Father James and the CSA Committee...We ask for your support and encourage you to make a full year commitment to the Catholic Services Appeal by considering the need over twelve months and spreading your payments over a monthly, quarterly or semiannual basis. We encourage everyone to give as you are able, and are most thankful for your support. May God richly bless you for your generosity!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Catholic Services Appeal on the Diocese of Gaylord website.